Roberto C. Goizueta

Roberto C. Goizueta: The Real Business of Atlanta and Beyond

Roberto C. Goizueta's Impact on Goizueta Business School

Through drive, perseverance, and bold ideas Roberto C. Goizueta climbed the management ladder to the top position in The Coca-Cola Company and lead it to unprecedented prosperity. Under his leadership, the market value of Coca-Cola stock rose from $4 billion in 1981 to $145 billion in 1997.

"We in business have an obligation to give something back to the communities that support us. That includes serving as an example of the way relations among people should be conducted... The cynics will tell you the good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. I'm telling you, do it anyway."  - Roberto C. Goizueta

A Lifetime of Going Beyond

Roberto C. Goizueta and wife, Olguita

Roberto C. Goizueta and his family were forced to leave many personal belongings and heirlooms when they left Cuba. But, through hard work and unwavering devotion to personal values, he rose to the top ranks of business and civic leadership.


“For me, looking into your eyes is like looking into a mirror. A mirror that takes me back 26 years. Back to a hot, muggy day in 1969 at the federal building in Atlanta… I focused on a solitary flag as I pledged allegiance to my new country, eyes wide with an immeasurable sense of anticipation, excitement, and opportunity. Eyes brightened by a deep sense of gratitude.” - Roberto C. Goizueta