100 Years. 100 Stories. Infinite Impact.

This is how we Go Beyond

It’s time we expected more out of business. These are the stories that inspire us. These are the stories that go beyond.

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Ramon Muhcacho

Integrity in the face of adversity

Ramón Muchacho 00MBA did not back down from political oppression, instead, he used his training and charisma to spark change.

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Plan on plans changing

The initial career path for Zander Lurie 99JD/MBA was simple: make a lot of money and to do so as quickly as possible. Sound familiar? And even by that childhood definition of success, Lurie found himself accomplished in life.

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If the shoe fits…sell it

Josh Luber 99BBA 06JD/MBA always wanted to do something big. Finding time while working at IBM was tough, but the skills he gathered along the way made for the perfect combination of data and childhood hobby.

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Nsombi Ricketts

Voicing the value in difference

Nsombi Ricketts 06MBA has always recognized the benefits of being different. Today, she makes a career in empowering it for others.

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Guided by our namesake, Robert C. Goizueta, we're taking a principled approach to business. Going beyond "business as usual"as we approach our 100th anniversary.