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Anything but the Ordinary

H. James Dallas 94EMBA values experience as it feeds into being a better businessman and person. Otherwise, how will you "learn to deal with the unknowns," he says "and make adjustments along the way."

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Power in Relationships

From the time she was a child, Teresa Rivero 85Ox 87B 93MPH has recognized the importance of lifelong learning, fostering valuable friendships and embodying an entrepreneurial spirit.

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Giving from the Heart

It all started with "boy meets girl." From then on, Solon 57B 58MBA and Marianna 61C Patterson have built a life around faith, family, and philanthropy.

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Living with Intention

Going Beyond for Jag Sheth includes a career in groundbreaking and meaningful research and giving back to the Emory University community he has served for decades.

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A Heart of Gold

From offering friendship and counsel to undergraduates and senior staff, Earl Dolive 40BBA's passion for Goizueta Business School left a lasting impact on everyone who knew him.

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