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Roberto C. Goizueta

The Real Business of Atlanta and Beyond

It has been 25 years since then-Emory Business School took on the name of Roberto C. Goizueta, the former chairman and chief executive officer at The Coca-Cola Company. In that time, the school has strived to live his values, which carry meaning in Atlanta and around the world.

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Business Brings Books

Stuart Rose 76BBA has always valued knowledge. So, when the Emory Board of Trustees member discovered the passion of collecting rare books, he knew exactly what to do.

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Failure: A Catalyst to Succeed

Bill Carr 94MBA isn't afraid of challenges or failure. "It is the determined struggle that brings forth the solution," he says.

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A Servant to Ideals

Gardiner Garrard III 99MBA co-founded venture capital firm TTV Capital in 2000, which helped democratize financial services by funding startups that serve small businesses. At Goizueta, Garrard learned never to become a servant of money, but a servant of ideals.

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A Legacy of Caring

After retiring from a 12-year career in the NFL, Warrick Dunn 13MEMBA wanted to give back. In honor of his late mother, he turned his attention to a new passion: giving struggling families a home.

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Guided by our namesake, Roberto C. Goizueta, we're taking a principled approach to business. Going beyond "business as usual"as we approach our 100th anniversary.