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A pay-it-forward foundation

Jeff Denneen set a goal for himself: make $100,000 by age 30. He hit that goal when he was 28 and then set an even bigger goal for his 40th birthday.

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Beyond the lesson plan

It's more than teaching to Allison Burdette. To this professor, it's about instilling a sense of community and flexibility that prepares students for whatever life throws their way.

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Business mind, social heart

Abdur-Rahim’s story is one of convergence, of different directions coming together, aligning and moving her — the professional and the woman from East Point — further ahead to fulfill a purpose-driven life.

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Love, devotion and a lunchtime legacy

The late George Benston sought — and succeed — in transforming business scholarship at Emory University. His legacy lives on in the form of regular faculty lunches in his name and a Ph.D. scholarship.

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Zwade Marshall

Resilience is greater than perfection

Dr. Zwade Marshall 05C 11MBA 11M 12MR is a consummate success and professional because, by many definitions, he is.

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